How To Sell Your House With Code Violations In Lawton

Sell Your House With Code Violations

Do you own a run-down, damaged, or unlivable house that you want to sell? Learn more about how to sell your house with code violations in Lawton!

If you own a run-down or damaged property in Lawton, you may feel trapped or obligated to a property that offers no benefits. Maybe cause it was your parents, or you “grew up in that house”, or it was from a past relationship. Maybe you had hopes of returning it to the condition you always hoped for. It’s also possible that you believe nobody would be interested in buying the property, or that eventually, you’ll be able to complete all the necessary repairs to make the house habitable or even more grand. However, there comes a time when you need to evaluate whether the money you’re investing in a house with code violations is truly worth it. The costs of repairs, taxes, vacancy, and routine maintenance for an unoccupied home can quickly add up and become incredibly expensive. If this situation sounds familiar, it’s crucial to explore alternative options for your property.

Find The Right Buyer

Selling the house will free you from the property and the all the stress and worry that comes along with it. But not every buyer is up for the challenge of repairing your house with code violations in Lawton. You will need to find the right buyer who will pay you a fair price and who is up for the challenge. This often means working with an investor who will see the potential in the property and have the ability to fix it up at a more economical price than your average buyer would be able to. Investors won’t be scared off or be judgmental about the condition. They have often seen many properties as bad or even worse. They have met many people in tough situations and just care about fixing up the property and not judging why it got this way. By selling in this manner, you will be able to sell quickly, without sinking any more money into the property than you have to. The right buyer even has the ability to help you sort through the personal stuff you actually want to keep, move it out, and into your current home. We have helped many people move on.

Set Your Expectations

When selling a damaged property you have to realize that it is not going to fetch the same prices as the houses you see for sale on the MLS. There is work that needs to be done, and someone has to foot the bill. Once again, by working with an experienced professional buyer, you will be able to sell to someone who is able to fix it up at a more economical price, thus giving you the potential to receive a higher offer. Keep in mind that when you work with a direct buyer, you won’t be spending money on commissions either. Commissions can run about 6% of the sale price when working with a Lawton real estate agent. Without commissions or agents fees, you will be able to keep thousands of dollars in your pocket. Often times an experienced buyer can even pay your side of closing costs putting more money in your pocket.

Disclose Everything

Not doing so can get you in some hot water down the road if something should go wrong. You need to be upfront about all you know in regards to the property, even if the damages cannot be seen. Has the leak in the roof been repaired completely or just painted over. Does the house flood when it rains? Do the sinks drain slowly? If you fail to disclose something that becomes a problem in the future, you could find yourself paying for even more repairs or having to deal with lawsuits or court battles. It is never ok to hide damages or problems with a property, either ethically or legally. If necessary, create a checklist so you can easily identify different problems with the property, ensuring you have reviewed the house from top to bottom. When selling your home through traditional means all the disclosure forms must be filled out but with professional home buyers we buy the home as is how is. Now if you know something is wrong… we just want to know so we can plan for it.

Make It Look Nice

Even if there is a portion of the house that needs major repairs that you aren’t prepared to deal with, you can still make the rest of the house look as appealing as possible. Highlight the positive features of the property and use items to stage the house if necessary. The goal is to show people what the house truly can be once the repairs are made. Show them that there is more to property than just the needed repairs. You can also spend some time on the yard. Great curb appeal will have an effect on your potential buyer’s first impression, thus making them more likely to make an offer despite the needed repairs.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Just because the house is old, ugly, or run-down doesn’t mean you have to give it away. The right buyer will see the beauty and potential of your house. They will be able to fix it up at an affordable price, creating a winning situation for all parties involved. If you want to sell your house with code violations in Lawton, take a look at all of the options available to you. You might be surprised at how many people are looking for a property just like yours!

Selling your house with code violations in Lawton may seem impossible, but it can, in fact, be done. Knowing how to market the property, who to market it to, and what to expect will make the transaction a quick and easy one. DHS Realty Group specializes in helping Lawton homeowners sell their properties with code violations or many other problems. If you own a house in need of major repairs, we would love to talk to you! Contact us today at 940-249-5752.

We can help you sell your house with code violations in Lawton! Contact us today for more information! 940-249-5752

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