How To Sell Your Home With Tenants In Lawton

How To Sell Your House With Tenants In Lawton

Do you need to sell your house with tenants in Lawton? The process isn’t always that easy depending on your lease and tenants in place. Learn more about how to do it in our latest post.

When it comes to selling your house with tenants in Lawton, it’s important to prioritize ethical practices to ensure a smooth transition. Start by communicating your intentions with the tenants and providing them with a clear understanding of what they should expect throughout the process. If the tenants express a desire to stay in the home, focus on finding a buyer who is open to the idea of purchasing a property with existing tenants. Look for someone who will respect the lease agreement and ensure a seamless transition for the tenants. However, it’s also essential to prioritize your own financial situation. If you’re facing financial losses or have other pressing reasons to sell, it’s important not to hold onto the property for longer than necessary. You may think… the next one will be better or I’ll hire someone to help with the process but if you are already having those thoughts… it’s time to sell.

Tenants Rights

Before you decide to sell your house with tenants in Lawton, make sure you are familiar with the tenant’s rights. If you are asking them to vacate the property, make sure you are giving them the right amount of notice and are operating according to the law. You will need to have a termination clause in your lease allowing you to end the lease early. Selling your house with tenants in Lawton can seem difficult. But if you adhere to the legalities and work with the right buyers, the process can be done quickly and without much disturbance to anyone’s lives. MAYBE… So much is changing in America and we are tripping over ourselves to make sure the people doing bad things are treated fairly. What about the people doing the right things…. shouldn’t we be treated fairly. We have all seen the articles or news reports of squatters staying in properties for months without paying. Even worse many times they destroy the property causing thousands of dollars in damages.

Sell Directly

Selling your house directly will eliminate the need to clean, market, stage, and show the home. All of these can be difficult when there are tenants living in the house. In order to successfully sell your house directly, you will need to find the right buyers who are willing to take on a house with tenants. In fact, there are many investors who will see this as a perk. One less thing they have to do and having an instant income, without any costs for renovating, cleaning, can prove to be very valuable to them.

Offer Incentives

If you are considering listing your house with a real estate agent in Lawton, there are a few important factors to consider if you currently have tenants. You will need to coordinate with them to ensure a smooth showing process without any potential disruptions. It’s crucial to establish a positive relationship with your tenants to avoid any sabotaging behaviors that may hinder the sale of your property.

One approach to gain their cooperation is by offering incentives in exchange for their cooperation and assistance. For instance, you can consider reducing their rent in exchange for their time and effort in maintaining the property and keeping it clean during showings. Alternatively, you could offer a reduced rent as an incentive for them to vacate the premises, or even cover the first month’s rent at their new residence.

It’s important to understand that selling a house while tenants are still occupying it can be inconvenient for them. By providing financial or other incentives, you can help make the transition smoother for your tenants and foster a more cooperative environment throughout the sale process. Working together with your tenants can result in a successful sale and a positive experience for all parties involved. Often times though it’s very difficult for that tenant to find another place to go… even with a pocket full of cash they are often better off staying in place with a roof over their head then chancing it and trying to find about place to live.

Be Respectful

When it comes to selling your rental property, it’s important to remember that for your tenants, it is their home. They may have developed a sense of attachment and may be worried about being uprooted after living there for a long time. While you may have your own personal reasons for selling, it’s crucial to be respectful and accommodating to your tenants during this process. This will not only make things easier for them, but also for you as the home seller.

Sell To Your Tenants

Aside from you, there aren’t many people who know and love the house the same way you do. If your tenant has been there for a while, they will have likely developed an attachment not only to the house but to the community where they are living. If the house has truly become their home, they may be interested in buying it outright. Before you spend time and money on the listing process talk to your tenants to see if there is any interest. The perfect buyer for your Lawton house may be right under your nose!


If you have the option to wait, consider delaying the sale until the lease is over. At that point, inform your tenants that they will need to find a new place to live because you will be putting the house on the market. It’s a good idea to give them advance notice and offer assistance with their move or provide a reference, especially if they have been long-term tenants. If you don’t need to sell immediately and are willing to invest time and money into listing the property, waiting until it is vacant will be in your best interest. You just have to ask yourself… will they leave at the end of the lease?

Selling a house with tenants in Lawton can be challenging depending on the circumstances and the tenants themselves. However, with careful planning, thoughtful action, and adherence to the law, it is possible. We would be happy to provide you with more information about the options available to you!

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