5 Things You Should Know About Hybrid Agents in Oklahoma

A hybrid, like a mule, is, as you know, a cross between two species that offers the best of both in one creature, the best of both worlds. And that’s what you get with a hybrid agent – an agent who combines the best that a traditional real estate agent can offer with the advantages of an investor. To help you understand, here are 5 things you should know about hybrid agents in Lawton.

1. What Hybrid Agents Are

Working as a hybrid agent is as much a concept as it is a business model. But it’s clear that it combines the best of traditional real estate services with an investor buyer option. 

With the standard model, buyers and sellers simply go to a traditional real estate agent right out of the gate because that’s all they know. But now that almost everyone goes online first thing, buyers and sellers are doing part of the work the traditional agent formerly handled.

Because a hybrid agent is both a licensed real estate agent and an investor, you have the alternatives of listing on the MLS or selling directly to the agent-as-investor – or marketing both ways simultaneously.

2. What Hybrid Agents Do

Here’s an example of this option at work . . . 

One agency uses hybrid agents and uses a traditional listing in conjunction with a scheduled auction. They set a date for an auction (with a minimum acceptable bid specified) and also at the same time list the property on the MLS and marketing/selling venues. 

Sellers can then see which option presents the best opportunity for them when bids and offers come in and choose what they want. They can take the quicker auction route, or they can hold out for more money with the listing route.

3. Benefits of Listing With Hybrid Agents

The benefits of listing with a hybrid agent include . . . 

Broad Marketing Exposure

Agents are savvy marketers, both traditionally and digitally. And this provides the necessary exposure and marketing reach to get your listing in front of buyers’ eyes, typically resulting in a better deal for you. 

Needed Assistance

Using a hybrid agent to list your property can provide you the assistance needed for handling all the legal intricacies and successfully navigating the complex transaction. A good hybrid agent will also have a thorough understanding of the local market and will have a broad professional network to call on. 

Negotiation Expertise

A big advantage of using a hybrid agent to list your Lawton property is that you’ll have the benefit of your agent’s negotiating experience and skill. Your agent will have the skill and experience to help get you the best deal possible.

4. Benefits of Selling to Hybrid Agents

Then, there’s the other side of this coin, selling directly to a hybrid agent. Benefits here include . . . 

As-Is Sale

With hybrid agents, you also have the option of selling directly to the agent-as-investor – which typically means an as-is sale. You won’t have to put in all the effort and expense to make repairs and upgrades before selling

Quicker, Lees Painful Closing

Selling directly almost always means closing sooner and with far less headache. Once both sides agree on the conditions of sale, you can go ahead and close – sometimes in as little as two weeks with an all-cash investor/agent. 

A Cash Offer

As we just indicated, investors typically pay cash. A hybrid agent in her investor capacity won’t try to lowball you, but will, rather, offer a fair cash price. You get the full sale price in your pocket without all the usual hassle involved in receiving payment with a listing setup.

5. Where to Find Experienced [market-city] Hybrid Agents

Working with a hybrid agent, then, offers advantages that you can’t get all rolled into one by working with a traditional agent or investor. You aren’t locked into just one selling route – you have options. So if you’re ready to cash in on the benefits of working with hybrid agents in Lawton, be sure to contact us today at 940-249-5752.

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