How to Know if it is Time to Sell Your House in Lawton

While most homeowners expect to sell their homes at some point, sudden life changes like a job relocation or a family member who needs our care can force the decision. But, without that pressure, it can be a difficult decision. So often, homeowners remain in place long after the home best serves their needs because of an emotional attachment to the property.  Coming out of such a hot market where low interest rates made it easy for buyers we all had a sense that selling our homes for top dollar was the norm. Now that interest rates have been climbing and it’s more difficult for buyers to qualify homes, especially ones that need work, aren’t selling as quick.

There are many factors sellers should consider that will help make the decision easier. For example, is the current market favoring sellers? If you’re conflicted about selling, read on as we explore the signs letting you know if it is time to sell your house in Lawton.

Hot Market

When the market is booming, homes in Lawton are selling like hotcakes. Listing prices are often surpassed by the final sales prices, indicating a seller’s market. In addition, properties are snatched up in no time, with many being sold through word of mouth even before hitting the MLS. It’s a clear sign that if you’re contemplating selling your house, now is the perfect time. At DHS Realty Group, we are seasoned local investors with extensive knowledge of the Lawton real estate market. We can assist you in determining the optimal moment to take advantage of this lucrative market.

Limited Space for Growth

For many families, the need for additional space has become a priority due to a growing families or remote work. When there is no room to expand or make necessary improvements, it may be time to consider selling your house in Lawton.

At DHS Realty Group, we understand the challenges of living in a cramped environment. That’s why our professional buyers can provide you with a guaranteed closing date. We can help alleviate the pressure of being crammed together in as little as a week. If you prefer a different timeline, our team will work with you to find the best moving arrangements.

Harmony with the Neighborhood

When considering home improvements, it’s important to take into account the overall conformity of the neighborhood. If your home stands out too much from the surrounding properties, it may not realize its full value. If you find yourself in this situation, it may be time to sell your house in Lawton.

Our professional buyers at DHS Realty Group can help you assess the current market value of your home, whether or not you decide to remodel. We will compare your home’s value with others in the area to ensure you make the right choice. Our fair offer is based on these considerations.

Unmanageable Responsibilities

Do you find yourself constantly maintaining and paying for a large property or an older property constantly needed the sink fixed or the roof repaired. The paint’s peeling on the eaves or you start to notice too much settling around the foundation? The physical and financial burden of caring for a home can become overwhelming over time. In addition, older homes often require more frequent repairs and maintenance. If your home has become unmanageable or if you just plain to prefer spending time with the kids or on your golf game 😉 , it may be time to sell your house in Lawton.

Sometimes the costs just continue to mount: Insurance, taxes, utilities. Of the worry about keeping the property safe. If your property has been sitting vacant for awhile it’s a beacon for people to break in to get out of the cold or just create some mayhem. The worry about paying the next bill or the next call that to tell you someone created a mess… or ANOTHER mess just gets to be too much.

At DHS Realty Group, we buy homes as-is for cash, saving you from the expenses and worry of prepping and repairing your home for the traditional listing process. Our professional buyers never charge commissions or hidden fees, and you won’t even pay closing costs. We take care of the details, so you can move forward with peace of mind.

Neighborhood Changes

Neighbors and neighborhoods change; perhaps your quiet family property is now sitting on the edge of a new industrial park. Lawton may be the one of the more unique markets with neighborhoods being so different from block to block or just across a major road. Has the house next door has become a rental property with tenants who are out of control and can make it difficult for agents to show the property. Should you face such a nightmare with no solution, it is likely time to sell your house in Lawton. The seasoned professional buyers like those at DHS Realty Group will take on your trouble so you can rest easy. The professional buyers at DHS Realty Group work in an atmosphere of total transparency; our goal is to ensure you feel good about the deal long after you leave the closing table.

Still undecided if it is time to sell your house in Lawton? Let the professional buyers at DHS Realty Group help you review all the crucial factors to help you make an educated decision about selling. Call DHS Realty Group at 940-249-5752.

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