How to Sell a House in Lawton When You Live in Another Part of the Country

How to Sell a House in Lawton When You Live in Another Part of the Country

Life is full of surprises. You will find yourself in places you never thought you could be. Have you moved out-of-state, but want to sell a house? Or do you know someone who did? Job relocation and personal lifestyle changes are the big reasons as why people move to different parts of the country. Maybe you inherited a house somewhere else or would like to live near your loved ones.

After COVID-19, many professionals are embracing the freedom of remote work. You want location independence. For example, you don’t have to continue working in expensive cities. You can move to a more affordable place and continue to enjoy life. Recently, we have seen several clients wanting to sell a house from distance.

It’s not practical to own two homes at once. You can’t carry two mortgage payments, even if you desire to do so. Your options are limited. You can rent out the property. Taking care of tenants is not easy from a distance. The chances are that you’re planning to sell a house and buy a new one in a new state. You want to free up your locked equity and would like freedom from the responsibility.

In that case, you’re in the right place. We buy houses in Oklahoma and we help those who are looking to sell out-of-state properties.

How to Sell a House in Lawton?

You must be wondering about possible strategies. One popular option is to list your home with an agent who handles out-of-state properties. Find a trustworthy person who will handle property showings, maintenance, repairs, and negotiations. Your agent will handle all the things needed to sell your house. That includes improving your home and negotiating with potential buyers.

Your realtor will market the house on MLS using tools like drone videography. You will need to be present for the property inspection, closing and final walkthrough of the property.

It’s not easy because selling on the MLS has several moving parts. You need to take care of legal aspects, maintenace, and holding costs. The house will cost you money for as long as it is sitting on the market. Another option is to sell by owner and skip working with a realtor. That choice requires more involvement from your side. You will need to handle everything from paperwork to closing.


Give yourself from a week to a few months if you’re planning to renovate your home. Your agent won’t help you with this step. You or your representative must be present if your home is undergoing renovation. Updating your home can involve several steps depending on your home’s condition. For example, you might need to pull building permits. Or you might need to bring your property up-to-date with current construction codes. If there is unpermitted work done, you will need to handle that.

Work with reliable contractors who can get the job done on time. You cannot spend extra time when you are living away. And it’s challenging to manage renovations from a long-distance. Projects get dragged costing you extra money. The most troublesome issue is poor work done by a contractor. You want the renovation to be safe for future residents. As the homeowner, you will need to provide disclosures to prospective buyer. If something is wrong with your house, the buyer can file a lawsuit in the future. That’s why it’s crucial to work with trustworthy and experienced contractors. Ensure that the contractors provide warranty and quality work is done in the house.

Communication is the Key

You have to trust others when you sell a house from distance. You need to make a team and ensure that people know each other. If you’re working with a realtor, introduce him to your attorney, and the home inspector. You want things to progress without your involvement because you can’t be present for every minor task. Similarly, you want to work with people who will give you progress updates without micro-managing.

Sell Your House Fast for Cash in Lawton

You want to sell a house from distance. You’re searching for a fair price and treatment. The team at DHS Realty Group can help you.

We assist homeowners like you with tricky selling situations. Selling a home from a different location can get expensive quickly. You don’t want to spend $450 on a plane ticket along with a hotel booking. You can’t be present for long days. Life is busy. That’s why we recommend working with a buyer who has flexible terms. Our team can buy your out-of-state home and you don’t have to be present for the closing. You can work with a local notary and we will arrange all the paperwork for you.

We don’t require repairs. You can give us a virtual walkthrough or pictures of the house. Our team will determine the fair market value and we will give you a direct cash offer. Our offer allows you to experience freedom. We buy houses quickly. That’s why you don’t have to hold on to the house for long. You can set a date and be done with the sale. Call us now to schedule your free consultation and sell a house in Lawton.

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