How to Sell Your House With Unpermitted Work in Lawton

How to Sell Your House With Unpermitted Work in Lawton

Looking to sell your house? Are you planning to renovate your house in Lawton? It’s always smart to err on the side of caution and get a building permit. As a home renovation company in Lawton, that’s the first thing we do for all remodeling projects. We first consult our contractors and request all building permits. We want to ensure that the safety protocol is in place before we start the actual work.

A building permit lets you create renovations that are both legal and safe. That means you have looked into local authority guidelines and will construct something that meets local codes. It also means the renovation work is safe and won’t impose future risks regarding health issues or injuries. It’s easy to sell a house when the construction is fine and there are no legal issues.

Not pulling out a building permit is a risk and unnecessary hassle. When you avoid getting proper permits, you save yourself from paperwork and probably red tape, but there is trouble down the road. You might have to redo the construction in the future. Later, when you try to sell your house, you will need to disclose the unpermitted work, which will affect the sale in multiple ways. Because of unpermitted work, your home insurance can become inactive. That means if something happens because of a fault in renovation work, you won’t be covered by your insurance plan. Unpermitted work also impacts the sale because buyers might not qualify for a mortgage plan.

In most cases, you will need to correct the issue before the sale. That can involve several steps, including a cost or penalty. You can sell your house with unpermitted work (depending on the scope of work), but you need to maneuver your way to the closing table.

Get Permits

You may have the ability to get the work permitted after the fact, to sell your house with unpermitted work in Lawton. The cost of the permit is dependent upon the size of the project. If available, you will need to fill out an application detailing the work and be patient while awaiting the inspector. However, be prepared for at least a small amount of deconstruction so that inspectors can review the job and ensure your safety and code compliance. It will help to remain calm throughout the process and remember that the permit office and inspector are your friends. You may be forgiven penalties or fees if you did not know about the work, and you may also be able to pursue legal action against the previous owners of the property. If you are in negotiations with a buyer and unpermitted work is discovered, they may walk away from the deal altogether, ask you to have the work permitted before closing, or negotiate for a drastic price reduction.


You may have to rebuild the previous improvement if the work is not up to code to sell your house with unpermitted work in Lawton. If the original work is not within the guidelines, the cost of permitting and completion will necessarily increase along with the size of the project. The city would notify you of what is required to rectify the situation and a time frame for completing the changes. Unable to pass inspection, the value of the home will necessarily drop with the discovery of the subpar renovations, and lenders may not be willing to make loans on the property as it is. Sadly, you may need to weigh the rebuilding costs against the property’s value and determine if the work is worth the investment. Depending upon the size of the unpermitted renovation, you may face the heartbreaking decision to tear down the existing structure and rebuild completely. If you were not responsible for the unpermitted work, do not delay pursuing damages against the previous owners. There are time limits on how long after the discovery that you may file suit.

Sell Directly to DHS Realty Group: We Buy As-Is

At DHS Realty Group, we can make your life easier. We promise to buy houses as-is. In the literal sense, it means we will buy a property in any condition. For example, we buy houses with:

  • Structural damage
  • Severe property repairs
  • Broken HVAC
  • Fire and water damage
  • Tenants
  • Payment Issues
  • Unpermitted work

Repairing unpermitted work is not easy, especially when you are not familiar with the project scope. Sometimes, when we are renovating the house, we figure out issues with the property that are the fault of the previous owner. You can discover further unpermitted work when trying to fix the issue. As an experienced firm in Lawton, we have seen our fair share of construction problems. Our team has seen it all, and we have had the experience of correcting those issues and bringing the house back to its glory days.

In most cases, we first handle the legal aspect of the issue. We will obtain building permits, and we will pay the fine or penalty to rectify the problem. We reconstruct when necessary. Otherwise, we try our best to ensure our construction is safe for future homeowners. We want to ensure that the house is insurable and will qualify for a mortgage loan.

Safety matters, as the DHS Realty Group is known for quality renovations. We work with homeowners who want to sell a house in Lawton. We buy houses in Lawton in all types of situations. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a house with unpermitted work or code violations. We can handle that. Our team will look at your home’s condition and pay you a fair price. Our fair price reflects your home’s condition. We will assume the risk of fixing your home later. For now, you can skip the hassle and enjoy selling to an investor. You will sell quickly without any repairs or listing fees. Call now at 940-249-5752.

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