4 Tips to Help You Sell Your House Without an Agent in Lawton

4 Tips to Help You Sell Your House Without an Agent in Lawton

Are you planning to sell your house in Lawton? What is your selling strategy? Most people rely on an expert to complete the transaction. The chances are that you have already made up your mind if you’re reading this article. You want to sell your house without an agent. So in this blog, we will share a few tips to help you on this journey.

Selling your home by owner, without an agent can be overwhelming at best. If you’re like many other home sellers, your immediate thought is to call an agent, quickly followed by cringing at the thought of paying their high real estate commissions. You think about all the work you need to do while paying agent commissions. Getting the house ready for sale, waiting for offers, going through the inspection process, hoping the financing doesn’t fall through, and then finally maybe getting the cash. 

Selling a house is not just one separate event in your life. You have other things going on. You might be searching for a different residence. You might be worried that the house you want will be sold or that interest rates are going up. Maybe you want a break from all the hassle.

Taking on the duties of an agent just adds to the stress. The difference is that you can keep a portion of commissions to yourself. Conducting a legal transaction, bringing buyers in, and presenting your property in the best light is a lot of work. The journey is not simple, as only 11 percent of FSBOs are successful. Let’s explore some expert tips to make your journey successful.


Getting local market expertise is the best benefit of hiring a realtor in Lawton. It’s possible to struggle when you sell your house without an agent. Often, owners list their property with an added emotional value to the home that buyers don’t appreciate.

Today buyers have more power than ever. They are aware of local market prices. Thanks to the massive data they hold in their hands, it’s pretty easy to understand a home’s tax assessments and history of renovations.

As a result, a variance in either direction of the right asking price will cause your property to linger on the market. Price your home too high, and buyers will simply ignore your listing. Price it too low, and buyers will worry about something being wrong with your property. You can use a couple of tools to price your home correctly. You can go with a private assessment and a broker price opinion. Compare the recently sold homes in your area. When in confusion, you can also opt for a fair cash offer. Getting the offer will also give you an idea of your home’s value.

When we calculate your home’s value, we make a list of recently completed sales similar to your property. We identify the value of each feature (let’s say a newly painted exterior adds $1000 value to the property and a new boiler is worth $1200). It helps us to clearly identify home prices in Lawton. After careful research, we forward cash offers to our clients. You can reach out, and we will give you a fair cash offer without any cost in Oklahoma.


Pricing a home is one step. You need to bring buyers. When you sell your house yourself, you miss on a few advantages. Professional agents bring a set of marketing tools like drone videography and professional photography. A real estate agent will stage your home to capture the best pictures. And honestly speaking, people expect quality photos. You want to look professional when you sell by owner.

For home showings, you will need to stage your home. That involves a few steps, like decluttering your home and storing away stuff in a storage facility. You want the home to look beautiful and presentable.

(Tip: Don’t give the impression that you’re selling without an agent. Potential buyers can try to negotiate a lower price if they find out that you’re selling by owner).


Now that you have prepared the house, you have to complete the step 3. You need to wait. Even if you had listed with an agent, you would be in the same boat. There is no way to know when and if your home will sell. Your home is going to spend days on the market which hopefully won’t add up. More days on the market translate into low price offers and you need to put more money into holding the house.

Listing your home for sale is tiring. You hope to make the sale each time you show the house. After accepting an offer, you still need to complete paperwork and handle negotiations. Holding the house comes with uncertainty, stress and some expenses.

Sell Your House: The Easy Way

We present you with an easy way to sell your house fast without an agent. You don’t want to pay commissions which is fair. We will help sell your house without involving third parties.

You can contact us for a free & fair cash offer. We will give you an accurate offer and will be happy to address your concerns. You don’t have to wait for the sale. You won’t have to spend money on repairs, marketing, or showing. You will work with an honest team.

We buy houses in Lawton, Oklahoma. Our business has been successful because our clients feel great about working with us. People refer their friends to us. Our goal is the same. We want to create a win-win situation and we want you to feel great about the deal. Otherwise, you don’t have to work with us. We care about our local community and your situation. Join us for a free consultation and let’s go over your options. We can discuss your home’s fair value as well as the selling process in Lawton.

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