For Sale By Owner in Lawton: The Costs, the Time, and the Results

For Sale By Owner in Lawton: The Costs, the Time, and the Results

Have a house for sale by owner? Wondering about the process? What are the pros and cons if you list a house as for sale by owner? In this article, we will explore some basic concepts to understand how FSBO works in Lawton.

Your home can sell quickly, depending on its condition and price. How will the listing perform on the Lawton‘s real estate market? How many days will the home spend on the market? It all depends on your home’s condition and your willingness to update the structure. You’ll need to pay for necessary repairs or replacements, either upfront or after negotiating with buyers. Beware that buyers can demand outrageous credit, depleting your profits drastically.

Progressing technology is creating new standards for listing agents. You must show the property in its best light. Keep pace with the competition and execute a successful marketing strategy to sell your home. Successful real estate professionals spend a great deal of time networking and building connections. That’s why a professional realtor can sell your house quickly. You’re missing the connections. You can market your property through social media and yard sign marketing. However, a crucial factor is missing. You’re losing traffic because other agents are not bringing you buyers.

There is a positive side too. Every marketing step, like professional photography, costs you a fortune. Many homeowners attempt to sell their house because of the cost factor. Your goal is to save on real estate commissions and other fees. It’s your right to keep the profits to yourself. However, this is not the typical outcome, as statistics show.

If you’re ready to learn more, read on as we explore selling your Lawton house as an FSBO or for sale by owner in terms of costs, time, and results.


You can skip commissions and realtor fees, but selling a house still costs you money. You need to prepare the house for sale. People ignore as-is listings. You need to show your home like a brand-new property. And a brand new home doesn’t have cracks in wall or leaky faucets. You need to take care of the problems before your home can be sold in the retail market.

Working with contractors is not easy, especially in a busy season. Before working, get a detailed estimate of the work involved as well as the timeline. Request quotes from 3 general contractors before you choose a bid. You want to work with someone reliable who will provide a contractor’s warranty. You will need to forward this warranty to the buyer. You should also have some emergency funds to cover unexpected repairs. Hidden issues can appear as you start renovating the house.

Before repairing your house, we would recommend getting a cash offer from a company like us. We will guide you about the cost of renovation and the profit you will make after listing on the market. We will also give you a fair cash offer. Our fair cash offer lets you skip the commissions.

In a typical transaction, you pay commission to agents. Generally, 3% goes to the buyer’s agent and 3% goes to the seller’s agent. The problem with FSBO is that you still end up paying commission to the buyer’s agent. You want to sell by owner, but you still pay commissions. That doesn’t make it an attractive plan.


When you list a home on the market, there is no guarantee of when it will sell. It doesn’t matter if you’re listing or selling by owner. The sale is delayed when you’re updating the house. You pay bills when you’re prepping, completing repairs, and while your house sits on the market. You must be able to plan out a timeline so that various projects don’t overlap, causing delays and increasing costs; for example, you don’t want to pay the plumber while he’s waiting on-site for the cabinet installers to finish. If the project timeline grows, tensions may also grow. If you’d prefer a stress-free, guaranteed closing date in a few weeks, a direct sale to a professional home buyer like those at DHS Realty Group is your solution. Talk to your direct buyer at DHS Realty Group about the date that works best for you; we’re flexible.

Work and Stress

When using a for-sale-by-owner listing, the decisions, deadlines, and scheduling of tradespeople can be daunting. Working towards bringing your home to its highest potential can be stressful and involve a lot of time and energy. If you’ve done the prep and repair work on yourself, you’ll likely feel the strain on your energy levels and focus in every area of your life. In addition, a steady stream of workers, noise, and dust can wear on nerves unless you’re paying to live elsewhere and complete the repair work. Finally, unless you want to risk causing further damage to your property, you shouldn’t take on more complicated repairs, such as electrical, plumbing, or roofing, unless you’re a professional.

What is the solution?

We suggest you take some time and do some calculations. You want to make the best decision for your loved ones. You can put your home for sale by owner. Is that the best decision?

Given the stress, time, and money involved, what is the best strategy? Talk to a real estate expert like DHS Realty Group. Check how much money you can get by opting for an as-is sale. Selling to an investor lets you skip all costs. You don’t have to pay the 3% commissions. You don’t have to worry about repairs or updates. Experienced investors have all the resources to renovate your home. They will rejuvenate your home without you having to pay for the expenses.

You don’t have to disturb your life by putting your home for sale by owner. In most cases, a direct sale is a more profitable option. If you’re trying to sell by owner, you have a good idea about your home’s value. You expect a certain price range. In that case, call us at 940-249-5752. We will evaluate your home to get you a fair cash price. You can compare the offer and see if you would like to work with us.

We will be happy to answer all your questions. Reach out for a free consultation, and let’s discuss the fair price offer you can get today. We can also get you an estimate for the renovation work. That’ll help you decide if you want to sell by owner and handle the deal yourself. Call 940-249-5752 today.

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