What To Expect When Working With A Professional Home Buyer In Lawton

What To Expect When Working With A Professional Home Buyer In Lawton

Every home is different. You can’t use the same strategy to sell every home in your neighborhood. Experienced real estate professionals understand this concept. That’s why they treat every property as a unique story and will apply marketing to highlight the unique features of the house. That’s exactly why you can’t sell every house in the retail market. The conventional selling process cannot accept every house.

You can’t sell an eyesore home in the retail market and expect it to be a smooth process. Sometimes market situations are not in your favor. You don’t have lots of funds to renovate the house. Where do you turn?

How do you sell your house even when the market conditions are not great? How do you sell a house that requires lots of repairs?

Buyers scroll through online listings at lightning speeds, and they’re searching for a home that is in ready-to-move-in condition. Homes that don’t quite measure up are typically bypassed and linger. Offers that do come in are insultingly low. Maybe you don’t have time or patience to go through the slow listing process. You might be searching for a speedy relocation, and the traditional listing process doesn’t make the cut. For your exact situation, working with a professional buyer might just be the right solution.

Professional home buyers provide an alternative option for selling a home in not-so-perfect condition. You can expect a smooth process. There will be fewer hassles and no hoops for you to jump through. Let’s explore what it’s like to work with a professional home buyer in Lawton.


The best thing about working with a professional buyer is “peace of mind”. You experience ease. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on interviewing potential agents. You don’t have to spend money on repairs that won’t benefit anyone in the future. Most buyers would remodel the home. You might paint the house white, while the new family might prefer something entirely different.

You can shield yourself from a great deal of stress by simply choosing to work with a professional home buyer in Lawton.

For example, at DHS Realty Group, we buy houses for cash. We allow our buyers to complete the sale on their schedule. We try to help when we can. We buy houses in as-is condition. That clause alone saves you a lot of money and time. You don’t need to pay for repairs.

There are no surprises when you sell directly to DHS Realty Group. Our professional buyers don’t charge commissions, there’ll be no hidden fees coming off the top at closing, and you won’t even pay closing costs. 

Transparent Selling Approach

How much would you make selling your home traditionally? What’s the net profit when you sell directly to a cash buyer?

We’ll answer your questions. As your cash buyer, we will give you all the information and tools you need so you can make the right decision. You can compare the information and see if you would like to sell with an agent or if you prefer selling directly. (A direct sale involves working with a professional cash buyer in Lawton.)

You’ll understand how we reached our offer, with every detail and number explained thoroughly. We’ll give you information about the current market value of your home and the expenses you can expect to pay out of pocket up front, as well as at the closing, with a traditional listing. All this information helps you make the right decision concerning your property.

Simple Processes and Contracts

Real estate contracts are complicated with fineprint clauses. We don’t like that. That’s why everything is clear when you work with us. We take a completely transparent approach. With us, you won’t have to navigate “hard-to-read” contracts.

Expect straightforward and easy-to-understand contracts when you work with us. We will explain the process step-by-step. You can forget about showings and evacuating your home. There will be no staging or professional staging fees, no marketing, no professional photographer or drone videographer expenses, and no professional inspector or appraiser fees. As a result, you can just sit back and relax, knowing your work is over. You don’t even need to clean up. We take care of everything for you. You don’t need to worry about repairs or the curb appeal.

Professional home buyers don’t buy the house for personal use. We have a dedicated team at DHS Realty Group. Our team will renovate the house at a later stage. We will spend money to bring the home into it’s best condition. However, that happens later, and for now, you don’t need to spend any dollars on the property. That’ll save you from the stress and the expenses.

Guaranteed Closing Date

You can expect a guaranteed closing date when working with a professional home buyer in Lawton, like the seasoned pros at DHS Realty Group. You don’t have to spend restless nights waiting for the right buyer to come along. A guaranteed cash offer gives you peace of mind. You enjoy certainty. You can plan ahead. So go ahead and start packing; a direct sale to a professional buyer at DHS Realty Group means you know the closing date, and we can work with you to set the day best suited to your upcoming move.


You can expect to feel good about the deal long after closing when you work with a professional home buyer in Lawton like those at DHS Realty Group. You won’t find any high-pressure tactics. Our success depends on your satisfaction. It’s essential that you find our offer to be fair. The professional investors at DHS Realty Group and our industry providers are proud of our work to help our neighbors and community here in Lawton. Through our efforts, the professional home buyers at DHS Realty Group provide homeowners with realistic expectations that can help avoid costly mistakes and disappointment given their unique circumstances, even if that means listing instead. So, long before the closing, you’ll know exactly how much cash you’ll walk away with in hand from the closing table should you choose to sell directly to a professional buyer from DHS Realty Group.

At DHS Realty Group, we’re here to help with no obligation; feel free to ask questions or share your concerns; we understand the importance of communication. At DHS Realty Group, we stop everything and listen when you speak with one of our professional home buyers about selling your home in Lawton. Call DHS Realty Group at 940-249-5752.

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